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Creating Value and Managing Change 

We operate in a complex and challenging world and effective change, sustained through our people, is our best weapon for success.

We believe that it is vital that organisations take a clear and balanced approach to change. Leaders need to understand the need for data while not becoming paralysed through analysis; holding the end state in mind while recognising it is not the only thing of value, and that creating engaging and inclusive interventions can reduce change fatigue and is of value in its self.

We have created a number of products and tools that help leaders do exactly that….

The Dynamic Change Package

We believe that for change to be effective and sustained there needs to be four key elements in place:

COMPELLING STORY – do you have a clear vision, an inspiring set of reasons for change and a well documented route to success?

ENABLING MECHANISMS – do your internal systems and processes, organisational structures and operating model and your culture support the change you desire?

CAPABILITY – do your leadership and your people have the knowledge and skills to operate in your brave new world and do you have the resilience and understanding to deliver the change?

ROLE MODELLING – are the new skills, behaviours and ways of working being demonstrated and observed and are older and fewer effective practices being called out?

We have created an easily tailored package of consulting, workshops, questionnaires and reports that help leaders understand these four key areas while engaging staff in moving forward.

Working with Change – Card Packs

As you know, play is a deep part of human nature that aids reflection and learning. We haver created a number of different tools or card games that aim to start a quality conversation around the business and to engage staff with new ways of working and thinking. Currently we are offering:     

New ways of working pack: A set of cards (with instructions) for your people returning to the workplace / or continuing to work from home. The pack has a set of cards for staff to help them reflect and prioritise there concerns as well as what they are comfortable with, as well as a line manager’s set to help them  develop solutions for their staff and prepare them for 1:1 conversations.


  • Their passion for what they do, and for our aspiration and needs was what got them through the door. Their collaboration with us over the last year in conceiving, designing and executing a fantastically successful learning programme – at pace –  has made them a pleasure to work with.

    Gill Hunter, Managing Partner, Maxus
  • Berkshire are different to other consultancy companies in that they have the ability to have a relationship with me and do not regard me as just another customer – I feel valued. Berkshire have the ability not to just sell you a service, they produce the right solution.

    Sally Worth, University of Cardiff
  • The close alignment of objectives with corresponding results was impressive and BCL’s on-going impact data proved the worth of this initiative.

    Judge at the Training Journal Award for ‘Best Public Sector Training Programme
  • Expectations were high from the outset and the programme management team and facilitation team exceeded our expectations throughout. The programme design was tailored specifically to meet the needs of our leaders and was delivered in such a way that engaged and inspired our participants. The content was finely balanced with evidence based content as well as tons of opportunities to apply participants learning back in to the workplace. Their passion for OD shone through and this resonated strongly with our audience which resulted in 100% of our participants rating the quality of the facilitators delivery style and content very good or excellent.

    Behind the scenes, the programme management team were exceptional. Responsive, highly professional, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile. We received regular progress reports on how the programme was developing and they were always available to offer support and guidance. They made our lives easy and it felt like a true partnership – an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Anna O’Kane, NHS East Midlands Leadership Academy