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One of today's major challenges

Getting your key programmes to deliver the expected outcomes on time and on budget

  • Why do so many programmes fail to deliver?
  • What makes for a successful project team?
  • How do you handle the multiple stakeholders involved in complex programmes?
  • How do you respond effectively to changing circumstances during the project lifetime?
  • How do you sustain commitment throughout the programme?

Berkshire viewpoint

Major programmes have never been under more pressure to secure and demonstrate value for money. Sponsors are always looking for certainty of outcome in an environment that may be far from predictable. The only constant in a programme is that there will be change! Inevitably programmes are forced to adapt to multiple changes during their life-cycle.

Few projects exist in a vacuum: they impinge not only on the wider organisation but also the network of clients/customers, suppliers, investors beyond the organisation. Clarity of vision and effective communication with all stakeholders is vital throughout the project, ensuring goals, risk appetite, performance standards and metrics are well understood.

The temptation is to rely on more and more detailed planning, but all this is wasted effort if the other key ingredients for success are absent. Empirical studies and literature reviews consistently reveal a common set of traits, behaviours and cultures which almost form the DNA of a successful team. Successful delivery of complex and challenging programmes requires outstanding leaders and high performing teams, who can manage relationships, allocate scarce resources and solve problems as they arise.

How Berkshire Consultancy can help

Depending on your needs, we can deliver specific studies and reports, train your staff in programme management and performance improvement, help prepare your bid team for major project tenders or provide you with a full Programme Management Office (PMO) service. Our consultants not only bring the requisite expertise and experience but deploy the relevant specialist software applications.

We support your needs by articulating a clear definition of your vision, benefits and objectives and then providing the framework to facilitate delivery of the programme in a timely, controlled and cost-effective manner. Working hand in hand with your senior personnel and key stakeholders, our approach ensures true harmony between your business objectives and the programme’s goals, designed to prioritise and deliver the critical elements of a change programme and help maximise the return on your investment.