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The challenges facing our clients are many and varied

These are just a few of the challenges that our clients face today. You can find out our point of view and how we can help our clients address these.


Implementing a governance framework that delivers value for your organisation

Too often governance is seen as a matter of compliance and an additional overhead, rather than a potential source of value to the organisation. So how can you make sure that governance works positively for you?

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Having to produce more for less, while customer choice widens and value perception changes

This is a difficult circle to square for anyone involved in continuous improvement or cultural transformation and is compounded by organisations now being looser networks of capability, rather than formalised teams adhering to process….

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programme delivery

Getting your key programmes to deliver the expected outcomes on time and on budget

Major programmes have never been under more pressure to secure and demonstrate value for money. Successful delivery of complex and challenging programmes requires outstanding leaders and high performing teams, who can manage relationships, allocate scarce resources and solve problems as they arise.

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Empowering the full potential of the talent in your organisation to exceed expectations

Your people need to feel not only excited and invigorated about the organisation’s strategy and direction, but also clear and confident about their potential role in the organisation and their ability to be part of that future. If you treat staff as a homogeneous group you risk creating disengagement. You need to recognise, understand and appreciate differences and how to tap into these as sources of value.

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  • Their passion for what they do, and for our aspiration and needs was what got them through the door. Their collaboration with us over the last year in conceiving, designing and executing a fantastically successful learning programme – at pace –  has made them a pleasure to work with.

    Gill Hunter, Managing Partner, Maxus
  • Berkshire are different to other consultancy companies in that they have the ability to have a relationship with me and do not regard me as just another customer – I feel valued. Berkshire have the ability not to just sell you a service, they produce the right solution.

    Sally Worth, University of Cardiff
  • The close alignment of objectives with corresponding results was impressive and BCL’s on-going impact data proved the worth of this initiative.

    Judge at the Training Journal Award for ‘Best Public Sector Training Programme
  • Expectations were high from the outset and the programme management team and facilitation team exceeded our expectations throughout. The programme design was tailored specifically to meet the needs of our leaders and was delivered in such a way that engaged and inspired our participants. The content was finely balanced with evidence based content as well as tons of opportunities to apply participants learning back in to the workplace. Their passion for OD shone through and this resonated strongly with our audience which resulted in 100% of our participants rating the quality of the facilitators delivery style and content very good or excellent.

    Behind the scenes, the programme management team were exceptional. Responsive, highly professional, friendly and always willing to go the extra mile. We received regular progress reports on how the programme was developing and they were always available to offer support and guidance. They made our lives easy and it felt like a true partnership – an absolute pleasure to work with.

    Anna O’Kane, NHS East Midlands Leadership Academy