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At Berkshire we understand that, if teams and people are to develop, focus and attention needs to be given to all the factors that contribute to a person being able to do their very best work. This includes considering the wider organisational system, focused outcomes and structured support that enable the learner to embed the new learning and ways of working.L&D Image 3

Our programmes enable participants to develop their skills and their confidence alongside colleagues in an environment that is highly challenging, exciting, experimental and safe.

We focus in particular on three key areas:

  • Leadership Development: at every level from your Board and Senior Management Team to Supervisors and Project Team leaders.
  • Management Skills: equipping your people with the individual and team skills they need.
  • Executive Coaching: giving 1-1 support to your people as they discover new ways of working.

Each programme is developed in partnership with our client sponsors, using tried and tested elements refined over many years and validated around the world.





Leadership Development

The real point of any learning intervention is to help participants not just to develop a set of pragmatic personal tools but also to build a curiosity and enthusiasm for the process of learning about themselves and others.

The established skill-sets and attributes of senior leaders are becoming less of a focus than what we term the ‘new fundamentals’ of self-awareness and high IQ, resilience, behavioural agility and a learning mind-set. It is the journey through the leadership development process that is key.

We work with leaders to develop greater ability to take strategic action with clarity and confidence, in ways which inspire and motivate others. In addition to personal and inter-personal skills and capabilities, we pay particular attention to the systemic and strategic context that leaders work within on a day to day basis, developing effective use of critical analysis, agility in thinking, responsiveness and decision making.

The result is learning that is experiential, dynamic, empowering and lasting.

To find out more about our full range of People Development services, please contact:

Nicola Baines

07733 072 565

Management Skills

The role of the manager is significant, in managing change, translating objectives of senior leaders into actions and motivating others. They are the essential filter for effective 2-way conversation between day-to-day operational demands and board strategy.

Managers need to feel confident and competent to have difficult conversations, challenge decisions and engage and influence stakeholders at senior levels, as well as inspire, motivate and engage their teams to give of their best and deliver outstanding performance.

Our approach focuses on bringing a lens of Appreciative Inquiry to what we do – starting with what managers are doing well, where they see their strengths and areas of passion. We offer a blended and experiential approach, working with real business issues and providing practical tools and techniques to develop more self-aware, strategic and effective managers and to deliver tangible business impact.

To discuss Management Skills, please contact:

Nicola Baines

07733 072 565

Executive Coaching

Coaching has been described as ‘a dynamic conversation leading to change that makes a difference’. That difference may be in goals, work outputs, leadership style, confidence or personal impact, with results for the individual coaching client, their team and their organisation.

Berkshire’s Executive Coaching is a powerful means of enabling individual leaders to achieve both development goals and increasingly demanding performance targets, through an approach tailored to their specific needs, that combines intensive challenge and support,

We have coached many executives and senior leaders, on a stand-alone basis or as an integral part of a wider leadership programme. We can also help you plan and develop a coaching capability within your organisation.

We understand that the coaching relationship is the key driving factor within which change takes place, so great care is taken in matching the coach to the individual client.The skill of the coach is to maintain a clear focus on the contract for coaching, the process and the outcome.

To discuss Executive Coaching, please contact:

Rachel May

0118 979 8043
Our clients particularly value:
  • our ability to identify flexible and creative ways of applying best practice to meet their practical and commercial realities.
  • our honesty and challenge, because it is balanced with a real determination to develop a tailored solution that delivers the value required.
  • the breadth of expertise and creativity we bring, to make learning relevant, engaging and focused on outcomes.
  • our commitment to ensuring that development makes a tangible difference to individuals and their organisation.
  • “Berkshire Consultancy has transformed our specification for a management development programme for minority ethnic managers into an innovative, high quality course. The result is a challenging and exciting opportunity for managers who have the potential to progress to top level management.”

    Paula Cairney, Head of Learning & Development, NOMS
  • Fascinating voyage of self-discovery. It’s been incredibly rewarding, tough (in a positive and challenging way) and a brilliant network opportunity.

    Airbus EXPAND, Participant
  • Their passion for what they do, and for our aspiration and needs was what got them through the door. Their collaboration with us over the last year in conceiving, designing and executing a fantastically successful learning programme – at pace –  has made them a pleasure to work with.

    Gill Hunter, Managing Partner, Maxus
  • Berkshire has worked in a really integrated and collaborative way with their Lean, Learn, Lead approach, coaching our senior leaders and managers, developing staff at all levels, and supporting us to create the environment where organisational change has been rapidly accepted and leaner ways of working have been implemented, without any interruption to our service to stakeholders.

    Andrew Jackson, Director, Special Cases Directorate
  • “Berkshire have supported us since 2015 with a) developing specific interventions (e.g. behavioural assessments) which prepare our teams for client facing situations and b) improving our internal capability.  Berkshire bring a wealth of experience from both the project execution and behavioural science world which has been invaluable for a Construction and Project Management organisation like ourselves. The greatest benefit is being able to tap into a pool of associates who can tailor and adapt to our needs whether it be coaching, programme design & delivery or general consulting on organisational change.  Their flexible and collaborative style of working differs from other firms we have used in the past.”  Akin Belo- Organisation Development Manager

    Akin Belo- Organisation Development Manager
  • Our style is that of trusted advisor – we are supportive and provocative. Our intention is to bring out the very best in you and your people.

  • We believe that most is achieved when participants are encouraged to explore and practise new ways of doing things, whether processes or behaviours, in a realistic and safe environment with the necessary coaching support in place

  • A vital part of any diagnostic is understanding the organisation’s view of itself and the extent to which it accepts any need to change

  • Our most successful projects and programmes are those where we work closely with you, our client, in determining your needs, designing the programme and delivering it together

  • We want the work to be fun as well as challenging, to go beyond usual expectations, break down preconceived limitations and explore different possibilities