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Programme management is the coordinated management of a portfolio of projects that enable organisations to deliver benefits of strategic importance. It is also seen as the ‘Orchestration of Organisational Change’. Our programme delivery service provides leadership, management and intelligent controls that deliver success, confidence and certainty to your Programme.

Our approach to programme delivery is “solution-driven” and divided into three distinct areas of expertise:

  • Programme Strategy
  • Procurement Strategy
  • Programme Management Office

Depending on your needs, we can deliver specific studies and reports, train your staff in programme management and performance improvement, help prepare your bid team for major project tenders or provide you with a full Programme Management Office (PMO) service. Our consultants not only bring the requisite expertise and experience but deploy the relevant specialist software applications.

Working alongside senior personnel and key stakeholders, our approach aims to ensure true harmony between business objectives and the programme’s goals; maximising the return on investment with a focus to prioritise and deliver the most critical aspects of a scheme.

Programme Strategy

We provide the direction you need to shape your business programme and drive performance. We support your needs by articulating a clear definition of your vision, benefits and objectives and then providing the framework to facilitate delivery of the programme in a timely, controlled and cost-effective manner. A well-articulated strategy for your Programme will maximise the ability to:

  • Establish a clear vision, objectives and success criteria for the Programme.
  • Create a suitable organisation structure for the delivery team.
  • Establish a benefits realisation process to capture all benefits set out in the business case / decision to invest.
  • Manage the clients’ and key stakeholders’ requirements by confirming and managing the strategic brief and instigating a robust stakeholder management process.
  • Manage risk intelligently by understanding your appetite for dealing with programme risks, developing an appropriate assurance regime and creating a pragmatic mitigation plan.
  • Embed continuous improvement by identifying optimal processes, developed through continual refinement, enabled by our ‘lessons-learnt’ feedback loop.

To discuss Programme Strategy, please contact:

Andrew Garbutt

0777 333 8687

Procurement Strategy

We have an excellent track record in strategic procurement support, commercial support, complex procurement projects and category management programmes. Our work has typically delivered over 20% sustainable savings for a wide variety of clients. In particular we bring the negotiation skills and commercial ‘nous’ to derive a good deal and are accomplished in creating and developing, at the Programme level:

      • Procurement Strategy, setting out how the works and services will be bought.
      • Packaging Strategy to set out how a programme and projects will be divided up.
      • A Contracting Strategy to ensure risk is assigned to the most appropriate packages and contracting entities to ensure value for money.
      • A Supply Chain Strategy to set out how the materials, services and resources are sourced from a global market.
      • A Procurement Code – the policy, processes, and procedures for driving the Programme Objectives and ensuring consistency across main contractors and their supply chains.

We have trained over 3000 staff in a range of commercial skills, including: Managing supplier relationships; Delivering output specifications; Negotiating and influencing skills; Conflict management; and Partnering.

Above all, we have a real passion for delivering sound sustainable procurement arrangements that work for our clients, their customers, and their suppliers. In short we know what best practice looks like and we enable you to deliver it.

To discuss Procurement Strategy, please contact:

Andrew Garbutt

0777 333 8687

Programme Management Office

We have the expertise and practical experience to help you establish and manage a robust Programme and Project Controls function in the following specialist areas, at the Programme level:

  • Cost Management – setting up appropriate budgets and cost management reporting
  • Schedule Management – establishing a structured and hierarchical approach to scheduling and reporting; and identifying interfaces and inter-dependencies of projects and tasks.
  • Risk & Value Management – putting in place a Risk Management approach to identify, analyse and mitigate project and programme risk.
  • Change Management – setting a baseline design, cost and schedule position and managing the change to this baseline throughout the programme duration.
  • Information / Knowledge Management – establishing processes and systems to capture data, distribute information and create/share knowledge within the programme.

To discuss world-class PMO, please contact:

Andrew Garbutt

0777 333 8687
  • “Berkshire Consultancy has transformed our specification for a management development programme for minority ethnic managers into an innovative, high quality course. The result is a challenging and exciting opportunity for managers who have the potential to progress to top level management.”

    Paula Cairney, Head of Learning & Development, NOMS
  • Fascinating voyage of self-discovery. It’s been incredibly rewarding, tough (in a positive and challenging way) and a brilliant network opportunity.

    Airbus EXPAND, Participant
  • Their passion for what they do, and for our aspiration and needs was what got them through the door. Their collaboration with us over the last year in conceiving, designing and executing a fantastically successful learning programme – at pace –  has made them a pleasure to work with.

    Gill Hunter, Managing Partner, Maxus
  • Berkshire has worked in a really integrated and collaborative way with their Lean, Learn, Lead approach, coaching our senior leaders and managers, developing staff at all levels, and supporting us to create the environment where organisational change has been rapidly accepted and leaner ways of working have been implemented, without any interruption to our service to stakeholders.

    Andrew Jackson, Director, Special Cases Directorate
  • “Berkshire have supported us since 2015 with a) developing specific interventions (e.g. behavioural assessments) which prepare our teams for client facing situations and b) improving our internal capability.  Berkshire bring a wealth of experience from both the project execution and behavioural science world which has been invaluable for a Construction and Project Management organisation like ourselves. The greatest benefit is being able to tap into a pool of associates who can tailor and adapt to our needs whether it be coaching, programme design & delivery or general consulting on organisational change.  Their flexible and collaborative style of working differs from other firms we have used in the past.”  Akin Belo- Organisation Development Manager

    Akin Belo- Organisation Development Manager
  • Our style is that of trusted advisor – we are supportive and provocative. Our intention is to bring out the very best in you and your people.

  • We believe that most is achieved when participants are encouraged to explore and practise new ways of doing things, whether processes or behaviours, in a realistic and safe environment with the necessary coaching support in place

  • A vital part of any diagnostic is understanding the organisation’s view of itself and the extent to which it accepts any need to change

  • Our most successful projects and programmes are those where we work closely with you, our client, in determining your needs, designing the programme and delivering it together

  • We want the work to be fun as well as challenging, to go beyond usual expectations, break down preconceived limitations and explore different possibilities